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Kimmie Tu

Outdoor Fashion Blogger, Adventure Storyteller, Rock Climber, Hiker, Photographer


What is this blog about?

  • Discover cute and functional clothes you can wear for rock climbing and hiking
  • Get style ideas for your next outdoor adventure
  • Read my gear reviews to help you decide what to buy for the outdoors
  • Follow me on my outdoor adventures and get tips for your next adventure!


What is my mission?

Empower ladies to look and feel their best on adventures by providing style ideas, trustworthy gear reviews, and travel tips.


What sparked the idea for this blog?

When I first started hiking and rock climbing, I had no idea what to wear. All of the attractive clothing I owned were meant for work or a night out in the city. Any athletic clothing I owned were over-sized t-shirts and gym shorts. I hiked a few times with the clothing I had already owned but I was not happy with how I looked. I googled “How to dress for hiking” and found good articles of the type of clothes to wear but none of the examples were stylish.

As I started to spend more of my weekends outdoors than indoors, I became more concerned about how I was dressed. I spent this past year buying and testing numerous clothing and gear for good style and functionality. After a year of experimenting and researching, I realized I knew a great deal about outdoor clothing.

Many of my girlfriends began to consult with me on what they should wear for hiking and rock climbing. It was fun helping my girlfriends figure out what to wear and I realized that I could help more than just my girlfriends–I could help anyone who is interested in the outdoors, so I started this blog to share my knowledge with the world!


How did I get into hiking and outdoor photography?

I had finally gotten over the post college blues, was newly single, toned down the partying and I was sick of my workout routine. I had a lot of free time and I needed some activities to keep myself entertained so I decided to get back into photography. I didn’t want to take photos of my city so I started planning trips to go hiking. I started hiking around LA and after a month, I was hooked into the world of hiking and outdoor photography!


How did I start rock climbing?

I got into rock climbing through a challenge proposed by my friend George who climbs rocks. George and I were hiking around Joshua Tree one day when he found a boulder to climb on. George challenged me to climb up the boulder by traversing and then finishing with a heel hook (these are some big moves for a first time rock climber!). I accepted the challenge and I desperately tried to pull myself over the boulder but I could not do it. Even though I failed, I could not stop thinking about rock climbing. I cancelled my 24 Hour gym membership and got myself a membership at Sender One Rock Climbing gym instead. After a few months of training hard indoors, I began to transition into climbing outdoors. Since March 2015, I’ve traveled all around California to sport climb, boulder, climb multi-pitch trad routes, and I even went on an alpine adventure!


Who takes my photos?

Sometimes I use a photographer and sometimes I ask any of my friends to push the button. I usually provide creative direction to my friends on how to capture the photos, but I also let them frame the photos however they wish. It’s fun seeing what photos my friends produce. Sometimes my sister, mom, and dad, help me shoot photos. It’s definitely fun bonding with my family and friend over producing photos for my blog. Know that the content on this blog are made with lots of love and energy from collaborating closely with my friends and family! Btw, I edit most of own my photos and my adventure photos (the photos that don’t have me in them) are usually created by me! 🙂


My measurements for sizing reference:

  • Height: 5’4
  • Bra Size: 30C
  • Sports bra size: XS/S
  • Pants Size (activewear): XS/0-2
  • Weight: 110 lb
  • Shoe size: 6-6.5